Daniel Herskovic


Mayana Chocolate

Owners: Tamara and Daniel Herskovic
1319 Valley Road Suite #1, Spooner, Wisconsin 54801
715-635-4729 • www.MayanaChocolate.com
Twitter: @MayanaChocolate

Chocolate philosophy:
 I like to create finely crafted chocolate that is beautifully presented. I feel it is important to connect with the taste that Americans grew up with, but now a days  them in an elegant and exciting way. What American does not love peanut butter and chocolate? Our Kitchen Sink Bar is an example of linking with what Americans find nostalgic, but still being able to share the shelves with other innovative brands in the chocolate industry. Another important philosophy is taking the long slow road to creating excellent confections. We make it a point to candy our own orange peels, grind our own praline paste, and go the extra mile to bring an interesting flavor and textural element to our confections. Our Coconut Dream Bar features a beautiful crispy coconut nougatine recipe that I learned from Laurent Branlard. It’s difficult to roll out and even more challenging to cut, as it needs to be cut immediately while very hot from the oven. Production would go a lot faster if we left out the crispy nougatine base, but it would not be as wonderful of a bar. That’s why we decide to go the long mile to create the best chocolate experience.


I was a caterer in Chicago and I wanted to create a take home gift for my clients’ guests. I started creating boxes of truffles. I then became obsessed! The first few boxes the truffles were the size of golf balls. I then decided to study with masters. I continue to study with some of the best chocolatiers in the United States and Europe. I like to think my chocolates are a more appropriate size these days.

Signature chocolate: We can never make enough Kitchen Sink Bars. It’s our top selling candy bar featuring peanut butter, milk chocolate, pretzels and salted caramel, enrobed in biggest part  dark chocolate.

Personal favorite: I think our Coconut Dream Bar is pretty wonderful, with a crispy coconut cookie, salted caramel, creamy coconut, enrobed in Dark Chocolate. This has changed many coconut haters to coconut lovers.

Favorite quote: “Don’t get high on your own supply,” from the movie Scarface. I believe Michelle Pfeiffer said this to Al Pacino in the movie. I don’t practice this enough because I am fond of  eating what we create!

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